Ft. Lauderdale Condos with Private Elevators

Condos with private Elevators or semi-Private Elevators are often of interest to those who like the convenience and Amenities of Condo living, but dislike the inconvenience and lack of privacy associated with walking down a long Hallway past other Units before reaching their own.

Condos that have private Elevator entry are those where the Elevator opens directly into your Unit or the private Foyer of your Unit.   Semi-private Elevator entry means that one Elevator grants access to a very small Hallway and accesses only a few Units, usually 2-3.   

In private Elevators, the Elevator security system is keyed such that you are the only one that has access to your Unit, in addition to those whom you grant access.

The private Foyer accessed directly from the Elevator is your Foyer/part of your Unit, so is yours to decorate as you wish.  Some Foyers are fairly small and others are much larger.  I've seen many that have been exquisitely finished and decorated by their Owners--including fabulous Lighting, Flooring, Artwork, Furniture, Waterfalls, Aquariums, and more!

The majority of Condos with private Elevators were built in more recent years and most are Luxury Condos.

Following is a directory of Condos in Ft. Lauderdale and areas nearby that offer private or semi-private Elevators in some or all of the Units.  Contact me for additional details if you're starting your search and would like assistance with identifying appropriate Properties.




Price Range 

 Alhambra Place Condo Ft. Lauderdale Intracoastal $1,500,000+
 Aquamarine Condo Pompano Beach Intracoastal $600,000+
 Aquazul Condo Lauderdale by the Sea Oceanfront $800,000+
 Corniche Condo Lauderdale by the Sea Oceanfront $700,000+
 Cristelle Condo Lauderdale by the Sea Oceanfront $900,000+
 Diplomat Oceanfront Residences Hollywood Oceanfront $700,000+
 Europa by the Sea Lauderdale by the Sea Oceanfront $800,000+
 Harbourage Place Condo Ft. Lauderdale  Intracoastal $1,400,000+
 Jackson Tower Ft. Lauderdale Views of Ocean & Intracoastal $500,000+
 Kingsley Arms Hillsboro Beach Oceanfront $1,600,000+
 L'Ambiance Beach Condo Ft. Lauderdale Oceanfront $600,000+
 L'Hermitage Condo Ft. Lauderdale Oceanfront $600,000+
 La Cascade Condo Ft. Lauderdale Intracoastal $600,000+
 La Rive Condo Ft. Lauderdale Intracoastal $600,000+
 Las Olas Beach Club Condo Ft. Lauderdale Oceanfront $700,000+
 Las Olas Grand Condo Ft. Lauderdale Riverfront $600,000+
 Las Olas River House Condo Ft. Lauderdale Riverfront $450,000+
 Le Club International Condo Ft. Lauderdale Intracoastal $900,000+
 Ocean Palms Condo Hollywood Oceanfront $600,000+
 Ocean Plaza on Deerfield Beach Deerfield Beach  Oceanfront $600,000+
 Oriana Condo Lauderdale by the Sea Oceanfront $900,000+
 Ritz-Carlton Condo Hotel  Ft. Lauderdale Oceanfront $1,400,000+
 Riverside Grande Condo Pompano Beach Intracoastal $400,000+
 Sonata Beach Club Pompano Beach Oceanfront $600,000+
 The Club at Hendricks Ft. Lauderdale Ocean Access Canal $900,000+
 The Palms Condo Ft. Lauderdale Oceanfront $700,000+
 Villas of Positano Condo Hollywood Oceanfront $800,000+

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