Ft. Lauderdale Waterfront Condos for Sale
and Waterfront Condos in nearby Broward County Cities

In Ft. Lauderdale and the surrounding areas in Broward County, there are 4 types of Waterfront Ocean Access Condos.  These 4 types of Waterfront Condos are:

  1. Intracoastal Front Condos
  2. Oceanfront Condos 
  3. Canal Front Condos with Ocean Access
  4. Las Olas Condos along the New River in downtown Ft. Lauderdale

Waterways are arranged such that Ocean Access Canals lead to the Intracoastal Waterway, which leads to the Atlantic Ocean.  The New River leads to the Intracoastal, which leads directly to the Ocean. 

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 Oceanfront Condos

 Intracoastal Condos

 Riverfront Condos

 Canal front Condos

Within the 4 categories above, there are a number of variations in regard to a building's specific Waterfront position.

  1. Direct Intracoastal front buildings (located directly in front of the Intracoastal Waterway).  Others are not direct Intracoastal front buildings, but offer significant Intracoastal views for many of the units.
  2. Direct Oceanfront Buildings/located "on the Sand" (on the Beach side of the Street).  Others are not direct Oceanfront Buildings and are located across the street from the Ocean, but offer unobstructed Oceanfront views in a number of the units.
  3. Some Buildings are located in a manner that offers a COMBINATION of view types from various units.  It is possible to own a Unit that offers both River and Ocean views or one that offers both Intracoastal and Ocean views or one that offers both Canal and Intracoastal views, etc.

Prices vary SIGNIFICANTLY for Ft. Lauderdale Waterfront Condos.  

There are various factors that affect the price of a Waterfront Condo.  These factors include, but aren't limited, to:

  1. A Building's type of Waterfront location (in most cases, Condos located on Ocean access Canals are the lowest priced)
  2. City location
  3. Availability of Dockage (Docks available or not available, Deeded Docks/private docks available for some units, or a Community Dock available for all) View information about Ft. Lauderdale Condos with Docks
  4. A unit's type of view within the building (the best waterfront views are offered at premium prices). Corner units and those with unobstructed waterfront views are very desireable
  5. A unit's Floor location (higher Floors with Waterfront views typically offer the best and most sought after views, so are usually priced higher than units located on lower Floors)
  6. A unit's size and layout
  7. A unit's condition (New, remodeled, or not remodeled.  If remodeled or new, is it basic or high end?)  
  8. Age of the Building
  9. Luxury vs. non-luxury Building
  10. Building's Common Areas (Are the Lobby, Hallways, and other Common areas high end or basic?)
  11. Type of Amenities offered (i.e. Gated Community, Restaurant, 24/7 Valet, Concierge, Bar, Swimming Pool(s), Hot Tub(s), Hair Salon, Tanning Salon, Nail Salon, Fitness Facility, Spa, Key Operated Elevators, Library, Conference Room, Business Center, Garage Parking, on-Site Management, Security, Private Elevator to your Unit, Full-service Staff, Tennis, Indoor Basketball Court, Media Room, Wine Room, Cigar Room, Pest Control, Putting Green, Cabanas, Storage Facilities, Vehicle Washing, Social Activities, etc.)
  12. Type of Windows in the Unit (i.e. Full length windows that offer better views, Hurricane Impact Windows that withstand Winds up to 200 MPH and negate the necessity for Hurricane Shutters)

Factors that affect the amount that you will pay for your monthly or quarterly Maintenance Fee include, but aren't limited to:

  1. The types of Amenities offered (see #10 above).  Luxury and more Amenities equal higher Maintenance Fee. 
  2. The building's type of waterfront location (see #6 below)
  3. The number of on-site Staff and the services they provide (see #10 above).  More Staff = higher Maintenance Fee.  It takes a lot of Staff to efficiently maintain a Building that offers many Amenities.
  4. Contribution to the Building's Reserves
  5. The types of Maintenance offered (i.e. Maintenance of Pool, Lawn, Parking area, Roof, Elevators, and Building exterior, interior, and common areas, Trash Removal, Sewer, and Pest Control) etc.)
  6. The price of Property Insurance (Property Insurance is higher in Waterfront Ocean access Buildings than non-Waterfront Buildings).  The cost of Property Insurance as related to the type of Waterfront relates to the risk factor of Building damage from Floods, Hurricanes, etc.   All properties located within areas determined to be in higher risk areas have higher Property Insurance.  Properties that are located inland/farther away from the Water OR not in a Flood zone at all have lower Insurance rates.  All Ocean access Waterfront Buildings are in areas that are at higher risk for flooding or other water-related Weather damage, so have higher Insurance rates.  In comparing the amounts of Property Insurance as related to various types of Waterfront Condos in our area, Oceanfront Condos are at highest risk, Intracoastal are next highest, then Riverfront, then those that are located on Ocean access Canals. 

    The condition of a Building also affects its' Insurance rate.  2 examples of items that reduce damage risk and Insurance include new Roofs and Hurricane Impact Windows.  Condos that were built after 2005 were required to comply to a new Building Code that requires the installation of Hurricane Impact Windows.  Additionally, there are older Buildings that have updated to meet the new Code and have replaced all of their Windows. 
  7. Utilities that could be included such as Basic Cable Service or Water 
  8. The size of your unit (the Fee is priced per square foot and larger units pay more than smaller units)

NOTE:  Property Taxes ARE NOT included in the payment of Condo Maintenance Fees!  View information here about Property Taxes.

What are Waterfront Condos actually selling for (purchase price) and are people buying them?  

Yes, there have been many recent sales of Waterfront Condos.  Demand is high locally and the State of Florida (particularly South Florida) remains #1 in the U.S. for the number of sales to International and Domestic Buyers who purchase vacation property, which is most often property that's located East and Waterfront.  Contact me if you would like to receive a recent market report containing recent sales information for Waterfront Condos. 

Though there's a large selection of Broward Waterfront Condos, they only represent approximately 33% of the total Condo inventory and are the smallest portion of  overall Condo inventory available.

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Aside from Ft. Lauderdale Waterfront Condos, there are several other South Florida areas that are very popular spots for Waterfront Condos and are located within very close proximity of Ft. Lauderdale.  Included for Broward County are Waterfront Condos in Lauderdale by the Sea, Pompano Beach Waterfront Condos, Hillsboro Beach Waterfront Condos, Deerfield Beach Waterfront Condos, Hollywood Waterfront Condos, and Hallandale Waterfront Condos

For Miami-Dade County, the most sought after areas for Waterfront Condos are Miami, Miami Beach, South Beach, Aventura, and Sunny Isles. 

Palm Beach Waterfront Condos are very popular as well and units are available in a number of Palm Beach Cities including Highland Beach, Boca Raton, Palm Beach, Delray Beach, Hypoluxo, Lantana, Riviera Beach, and Singer Island.

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