Pompano Beach Waterfront Condos
Pompano Beach Waterfront Townhouses

Pompano Beach offers a variety of Waterfront Condos and Townhouses that are located on Ocean access Canals, the Intracoastal, and Oceanfront on the Beach.  If you're interested in Dockage, a few of the Townhouses and Condos offer Deeded Docks with the Units, a Community Dock, or Dockage that can be Leased.  

View the Table below to explore Waterfront Condos in Pompano Beach and contact me if you would like assistance with identifying appropriate Condos and/or Townhouses for Sale.

Average Price Range
 Year Built
 1500 Ocean Club Condo $300s Direct Oceanfront 1986
 701 Riverside Drive Condo $300s Intracoastal 1982
 Admiralty Towers Condo $100s - $400s Direct Oceanfront 1970
 Aqua Lofts Condo $400s - $800s Ocean access Canal 2007
 Aquamarine Condo $500s - $700s Intracoastal 2007
 Bermuda House Condo $300s - $400s Direct Oceanfront 1971
 Casa La Quinta $100s - $200s Intracoastal 1975
 Claridge Condo $300s- $700s Direct Oceanfront 1973
 Coastal Vista Condo $100s - $300s Intracoastal 1966
 Cypress Bay Estates Townhouse $300s Ocean access Canal 2002
 Delphi Towers $100s - $200s Intracoastal 1974
 Emerald Tower $300s Intracoastal 1972
 Garden Isles Condo $100s Ocean access Canal 1972
 Hillsboro Bay by the Sea Townhouse $400s - $1MM+ Oceanfront 1998
 Hillsboro Light Towers $300s - $400s Intracoastal 1979
 Intracoastal Tower $100s Intracoastal 1975
 Island Club Condo $100s - $200s Ocean access Canal 1972
 Jamaica House Condo $200s - $300s Across from the Ocean 1969
 Luna Ocean Residences $700s - $800s Oceanfront 2007
 Nobel Point Condo $100s - $300s Ocean access Canal 1980
 Ocean Heritage Club Condo $300s - $900s Oceanfront 1972
 Ocean Monarch Condo $200s - $500s Oceanfront 1968
 Oceanside at Pompano Beach Condo $500s - $1,000,000+ Across from the Ocean 2008
 Pompano Aegean Condo $300s - $500s Oceanfront 1980
 Pompano Atlantis $200s - $300s Oceanfront 1974
 Pompano Beach Club Condo $100s - $300s Oceanfront 1978
 Renaissance Condo $200s - $500s Oceanfront 1978
 Riverside Grande Condo $300s - $700s Intracoastal 2006
 Riverside Towers Condo $100s - $300s Intracoastal 1970
 Sea Haven Condo $100s - $300s Ocean access Canal 1971
 Sea Monarch Condo $200s - $600s Oceanfront 1970
 Seville House Condo $200s Intracoastal 1970
 Silver Thatch Condo $200s - $400s Intracoastal 1973
 Sonata Beach Club Condo $500s - $1MM+ Across from the Ocean 2008
 Sun Harbor Townhouse $100s - $200s Ocean access Canal 1991
 The Criterion Condo $400s - $1MM+ Oceanfront 1982
 The Pointe Condo $400s - $500s Intracoastal 1999
 The Wittington Condo $500s - $800s Oceanfront 1971
 Tiffany Gardens Condo $200s - $300s Oceanfront 1970
 Waterbury Condo $100s - $200s Intracoastal 1976
 Waters Edge Condo $100s - $200s Intracoastal 1974



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