Las Olas Condos for Rent


 Average Price


 Pets allowed for Renters

 Las Olas River House Condo $3,500+ New River No
 Nu River Landing Condo $2,200+ New River Yes
 Las Olas Grand Condo $3,200+ New River Yes
 Watergarden Condo $2,500+ New River Yes
 Waverly at Las Olas Condo $1,800+ No Yes
 350 Las Olas Place Condo $2,200+ No No
 Las Olas by the River Condo $1,500+ No Yes
 Symphony Condo $2,200+ New River Yes


Rental/Lease Guidelines:
  1. The average Rent prices listed above are monthly rates for an Annual Lease.  Seasonal rental rates are higher.
  2. If you're interested in Seasonal rental in a Condo, the minimum length of Rental required ranges from 3 months - 6 months in the vast majority of Buildings.
  3. The Pet requirements below refer to the Building's Policy regarding whether Tenants are allowed to have Pets.  Please note that the Owners of Units can stipulate that Tenants aren't allowed to have Pets even if the Building allows it.
  4. Owners typically require a Deposit amount equal to First month of Rent, Last month of Rent, and a Security Deposit (a total amount equal to 3 months of Rent).
  5. Condos require Tenants to pay a Common area Deposit and the amount varies per Building (the average range is $1,000 - $3,000).  The Common area Deposit is required in case there's any damage to the Common areas of the Building (such as Lobby, Pool, Fitness Center, etc.) The amount is refundable at the end of Lease. 
  6. Condos require Tenants to pay a refundable Elevator Reservation Fee in case there's any damage during move-in and move-out.
  7. Condos require Application to the Building's Association and Approval.  This process requires an average of 1- 4 weeks. 
  8. Tenants ARE NOT required to pay Real Estate Agents for assistance with finding Rentals or for assistance with completing Rental transactions.  Property Owners/Landlords are responsible for paying Commission to Real Estate Agents.
  9. The Property Owner requires Tenants to complete an Application/Screening (this includes Employment and Reference Check, Criminal Background Check, Tenancy History Check, and Credit Check). 

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